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El estudio del ritmo musical



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  • Review: GRAU, Consol
  • Ensemble: Solo.
  • Genres: Musical education: Instrumental study repertoire; Instrument methods.
  • Language: Español / Castellano
  • Language of the comment: Castellano
  • Product format: Partituras + CD / DVD
  • Difficulty level: Elementary-intemediate
  • Period: 2nd half S. XX - XXI
  • Publishing house: Editorial Boileau
  • Collection: Maleras
  • Illustrator: FORNER, Ester
  • No. of pages: 56
  • Measure: 29,50 x 21,00 cm
  • ISBN: 978-84-8020-792-8
  • ISMN: 979-0-3503-0464-4
  • Available in digital: No
  • Available for rent: No

As in the previous books, each study session should always begin with some preparatory exercises, which exercise the basic technique of the fingers. In this fourth book the following exercises will be practised:

  1. The hammer-on: Helps to develop the articulation of each finger through its third phalanx.
  2. The "notas pesantes": These give independence to each finger separately, increasing its strength and dispensing with the help of the rest of the hand, whose intervention is exclusively reserved for the dance.
  3. The "notas picadas": These increase the agility of the fingers, helping the castanet to play more easily and gaining in rhythmic precision. These exercises are found in the preceding books, but at each new level the technique and the possibilities of the fingers, which have been well worked on since the beginning of the studies, are improved.

Primera parte:
Obras enteras con carretilla resbalada
Segunda parte:
Obras con carretilla picada
Tercera parte:
ejercicios de Malagueñas (pasadas) y de Pasodoble
las fusas
Preparación al quinto libro:
ejercicios de preparación a las Sevillanas

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