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The catalog of Boileau music publishing house consists of more than 3800 titles. This group of works includes themes and purposes varied, with music as a common element. On the one hand, we have scores of studio and concert of the most diverse styles, periods, genres and difficulties. On the other hand, the catalog includes other types of materials: books, CDs, templates, games ... intended to facilitate the diffusion of music and everything that is related to it.

  • Musical education

    Materials for the music study in the different stages of music learning process, both for primary and secondary schools and music schools, conservatories and higher education centers .

  • Incidental music

    Musical and scenic works destined to the acting performance, either in the theater or in the cinema.

  • Lined paper

    We offer several paper formats for musical writing with different sizes of staff and paper.

  • Flamenco

    This section includes works inspired by this andalusian origin style as well as the didactic materials necessary to learn it.

  • Religious music

    This section includes works composed expressly with a religious purpose, destined to the liturgical celebration or to another kind of acts with a religious character.

  • Classical / contemporary

    Repertory pieces that include works written by the most classical composers up to the most current, designed for all types of instruments and formations.

  • Modern music

    The most current popular repertoire focused on the language of jazz, blues, pop and rock.

  • Folk music / traditional

    This section includes different works based on the repertoire of traditional music, dance pieces and hymns from various countries and institutions.

  • Musicology

    Studies, treatises, anthologies or facsimiles that analyze different aspects of the past and present musical world.

  • Divulgation

    Books and other publications that collect various aspects of general interest with music as a common link.

  • Games and hobbies

    Entertainments to exercise the mind and at the same time improve the knowledge of the musical language through the logical game, the skill, the wit, the memory ...

  • Music therapy

    Books on the medicinal effect of music, exercises to avoid injuries to the performers and treaties on the relationship between body and musical art.

  • Children / Youth

    Books, scores and other materials for the youngest audience: songs with gestures, instrumental pieces, stories to sing ...

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