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Cançons per a infants

Voz y Piano


Reg.: B.4081

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  • Arrangement: VILLALBA, Miquel
  • Ensemble: Duos: With piano; With voice.
  • Genres: Classical / contemporary: Arrangements and Transcripts; Choir; Chamber.
    Children / Youth: Songs.
  • Language: Catalán
  • Language of the comment: Català/English/Castellano
  • Product format: Partitura
  • Difficulty level: Intermediate-advanced
  • Period: 1st half S. XX
  • Publishing house: Editorial Boileau
  • No. of pages: 24
  • Measure: 31,00 x 23,00 cm
  • Lenght: 4'00
  • ISMN: 979-0-3503-4276-9
  • Available in digital: No
  • Available for rent: No

1. S’ha perdut un anell (1918) [A Ring is Lost]

This little piece was originally written for piano solo. It is the first work of the collection Jocs i danses al camp [Country Games and Dances], composed between 1918 and 1920. The six works that make up this collection do not have any specific titles but simply follow their numeric order. However, in the original manuscript Blancafort wrote a brief epigram for fi ve of the pieces that suggests the idea or thought that inspired him. Some of these phrases later formed part of a longer text in the form of brief poem without music in which the composer developed the ideas and which also fit perfectly with the corresponding melody. For this piece we have opted to use at the title the first line of the epigram for this work found in the manuscript. The complete text has been added below the main melody. The accompaniment has also been adapted, following the original notations, as well as two brief sections for the piano which serve as interludes: (Mogut [Moving] and Amb alegria [With Happiness]. The principal source for this edition is the holograph manuscript, written in ink, preserved in the Fons Manuel Blancafort at the Biblioteca de Catalunya, reference number M.4888/12. This manuscript is significantly different from the version published by Unión Musical Española in 1926 and reveals the enormous creative richness of the young composer.

2. Cant per anar a la guerra (1919) [Song for Going to War]

Just like the previous one, this piece forms part of the collection Jocs i danses al camp of which it is number 5. Here we find a similar epigram and a short poem, which amplifies the original idea later added in pencil,. The title is the original one written by the composer at the head of the manuscript («Cant per anar a la guerra» [Song for Going to War). The text has been placed to fit the music and the accompaniment has been adapted according to the original. The principal source is the holograph manuscript preserved in the Fons Manuel Blancafort at the Biblioteca de Catalunya, reference number M.4888/13. This manuscript has several differences with the version published by Unión Musical Española, especially in relation to the indications for tempo and character. These have been incorporated in the present edition due to their importance.

3. El bon Jesuset (1943) [The Good Jesus Christ]

This work is an adaptation for voice and piano of the sixth piece of the collection Cançons de muntanya, originally for piano solo. It was arranged in 1943, most likely by Gabriel Blancafort, the composer’s son. In spite of his early youth at the time (14-15 years old) he already showed a great ability to arrange and adapt works by his father. The holograph manuscript, conserved by the Blancafort family, was the source for the present edition. The youthful and somewhat infantile writing used in the manuscript reinforces that idea that it was written by Gabriel. The works is a villancico very popular with Blancafort family members.

Miquel Villalba Auñón, December, 2021
Cabrera d’Anoia

1. S‘ha perdut un anell                                                                                               

2. Cant per anar a la guerra                                                                                       

3. El bon Jesuset

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