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Barcelona 1935 - Figueres (Girona) 2022


Born in Barcelona in 1935, Jordi Cervelló began his contact with music through the violin (by the hand of the unforgettable Joan Massià and Rosa García Fària, Franco Tufari and Eugen Prokop) instrument of which he is a qualified pedagogue. He studied composition with Josep Maria Roma and deepened his creative vocation through various relationships and self-taught experiences. The identification with the violin inspired a substantial part of his work, a fact that does not exclude a considerable symphonic production, spread in the main European cities, in the USA and in Israel, by prestigious state and foreign orchestras.

Precisely because of his condition as an instrumentalist and because he learned to taste music by performing works by others, in his production, Cervelló has always tried to provide the performers with a positive experience on a personal, aesthetic or technical level. His temperament led him to take as an example the classics of our century, cultivating an open and enlarged tone and giving particular attention to the problems of balance and form. In general, over the years his music has evolved from a more expressionist sensibility to a more diaphanous and tonal conception.

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