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Scherzando Vol. 2 - Català

Mètode creatiu i dinàmic de piano (Català)



Reg.: B.4120

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  • Ensemble: Solo.
  • Genres: Musical education: Instrumental study repertoire; Instrument methods.
  • Language: Catalán
  • Product format: Libro+cd/dvd
  • Difficulty level: Elementary
  • Period: 2nd half S. XX - XXI
  • Publishing house: Editorial Boileau
  • Illustrator: LOSANTOS, Cristina
  • No. of pages: 112 + 8
  • Measure: 31,00 x 23,00 cm
  • ISBN: 978-84-17199-84-5
  • ISMN: 979-0-3503-4304-9
  • Available in digital: No
  • Available for rent: No



Book in english: Reg. B.4122
Book in spanish: Reg. B.4121

Learning to play an instrument through games, experimentation and creativity as well as trial and error.

Learning to play the piano has never been so exciting. This is the second volume of the collection Scherzando. In this volume the student will concentrate on learning tonalities, improvisation with chords as well as continuing to develop the techniques and ideas presented in the first volume. All of the original music, which was composed by the author of this collection, is written using varied styles evoking exotic landscapes and all kinds of enjoyable activities. Not only will the student work on music reading but also improvisation and playing in groups. 

Beautifully illustrated and including audio recordings, this book has a clear and easy to follow format that introduces the fundamentals of piano playing (fingering, notes, dynamic indications, hand positions, etc.) and at the same time captures and stimulates the student’s imagination. A card game is included to add a different dynamic to the lessons. 

The Italian word «Scherzo» means “game”. The author used the title, Scherzando to convey his concept of learning to play an instrument through games, experimentation and creativity as well as trial and error. All of those are part of this fantastic musical journey that you are about to begin. 

Scherzando, Book 2 (Joan Alfaras):

  • 42 original pieces and an elementary level Concertino.
  • Progressive technique: from changes of position and hand openings, to thumb steps, polyphony, repeated notes, substitutions, various staircases and arpeggios.
  • Different styles, especially designed to appeal to a young audience: classical, jazz, Celtic, world music and film-style pieces.
  • Pieces for reading, improvisation and 4 hands and a final Concertino as a summary of all the technique worked on.
  • Colour illustrations, indications of the key, highlights of the concepts highlighted and reminders in each piece. Presentation incomparable to other methodologies, attractive book and especially clear in the presentation of concepts.
  • Set of cards to work on improvisation by agreement.
  • CD accompaniment for all the pieces, quality audios, also available online. All the accompaniments, on the one hand, enrich the student's interpretations both harmonically and instrumentally and, on the other hand, help him/her to keep the tempo, to respect the indications of dynamics and articulation and to have an overall view of the character of the piece.
  • Technical and musical contents of the book.
  • The second volume also has an innovative pedagogical approach to improvisation work: it introduces fundamental concepts such as tonality and chord, which it relates to the reading of some chords in American ciphers (in the fundamental and inverted states) so that the student can begin to interpret and improvise on them. It also gives a series of patterns for the left hand so that the student can get used to thinking harmonically when playing them. Apart from the Concepts pages where this information is presented, the card game allows the student to explore this world by being aware of the chords and scales of some keys.

Com funciona aquest llibre
Conceptes inicials

01. Gòndola
02. The Mambo Brothers
03. Giulietta
04. El jardí de l’emperador
05. Cançó finlandesa
06. La màquina del temps
07. Petite valse
08. Polka
09. Tamino i Papageno
Conceptes que introdueixen noves tonalitats i acords per a la peça: Irlandesa
10. Irlandesa
11. El petit Ludwig
12. Un dia de pluja
13. Gladiadors
14. Gats nocturs
15. Al Capone
16. Kyoto
Conceptes que introdueixen noves tonalitats i acords per a la peça: Mazurca
17. Mazurca
18. Cha-cha-cha
19. Lieder
20. Nautilus
21. Orient-Express
22. Viatge intergalàctic
23. Skate
24. Lazy Blues
25. Les cascades del Niàgara
Conceptes que introdueixen noves tonalitats i acords per a la peça: Tango
26. Tango
27. Oliver Twist
28. El fantasma de la torre
29. Jurassic
30. El vell pescador
Conceptes que introdueixen noves tonalitats i acords per a la peça: Blues in C
31. Blues in C
32. Syncopated
33. Constel·lacions
34. Viena 1762
35. Alhambra
36. Tito Puente
37. L’oboè i el fagot
38. Pirates
39. Sonatina
40. Honolulu
41. Rondeau
42. Cançó siciliana    Lectura    Do menor     93

Concertino «Piccolo virtuoso» núm. 2 en Re menor
I  Tempo giusto
II  Con dolcezza
III  Con brio

Fitxa tècnica
Instruccions del joc de cartes Scherzando: lectura d’acords i creació de petits acompanyaments i melodies

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