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Iniciació a la improvisació al violí

Violín. Elemental


Reg.: B.3690

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  • Ensemble: Solo.
  • Genres: Musical education: Improvisation / Sight reading; Instrument methods.
    Children / Youth: Instrumental solo.
  • Language: Catalán
  • Product format: Partituras + CD / DVD
  • Difficulty level: Elementary
  • Period: 2nd half S. XX - XXI
  • Publishing house: Editorial Boileau
  • Illustrator: CLUA GELI, Mireia
  • No. of pages: 56
  • Measure: 21,00 x 30,00 cm
  • ISBN: 978-84-15381-03-7
  • ISMN: 979-0-3503-0948-9
  • Available in digital: No
  • Available for rent: No

This book is thought for the student to work on its own without any help. Plink, the clown, will guide the student through some musical basis (in a CD) where there are mixed activities for the student to learn, such as play with notes, make up melodies or improvise with the rhythm. This process of personal discovering is essential in the confidence of the student. The student learns to understand the music as something to enjoy and understand.


  • Open the door of the world of improvisation to the violin student.
  • Promote an introspective and personal relationship with the instrument.
  • Stimulate the student's creativity without putting limits on it: let him trust his ear and his musical tastes.
  • Make him know the sensations of tension and rest present in the music. In the book some basic concepts of music and harmony are explained, but the main learning is based on hearing and sensations. If the student enjoys music and internalizing it, it will be easier to understand the theory later on.

​Minimum requisits:

  • Plink! It is recommended for violin students from 9 years of age, who have played the instrument for at least two years. They have to master the scale of D Major.
  • It is also recommended that they know how to tune the violin.
  • The student will need a lectern to hold the book and a CD player to listen to the music.
  • Some activities require pencil and rubber.


  • Students understand music in an unconscious way, through meaning and experience.
  • When they improvise they change the way they play: the sound is fuller, they are more aware of the tuning and they play musical phrases in a natural way.
  • Through the practice of improvisation they discover the sensations that each note of the scale produces and they manage to flow and connect their imagination with the violin.
  • Through this book we will discover that we are capable of feeling, imagining and understanding music!

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