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Font d'aigua viva (x20)

Cantata de Nadal 2014 - vol. 10 (pack 20 partes de coro)

Coro Mixto y Coro Infantil


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  • Ensemble: Chamber orchestra: With voice/choir.
  • Genres: Classical / contemporary: Chamber.
  • Lyric author: PÀMIES, Jordi
  • Language: Catalán
  • Product format: Particellas
  • Difficulty level: Advanced-superior
  • Period: 2nd half S. XX - XXI
  • Publishing house: Editorial Boileau
  • Collection: Cantata de Nadal
  • No. of pages: 144
  • Measure: 32,00 x 23,00 cm
  • ISMN: 979-0-3503-3839-7
  • Available in digital: No
  • Available for rent: No

Pack of 20 parts for choir.

I was very happy when the Camerata de Sant Cugat commissioned me to write this cantata, especially since for some years they had been performing several of my Villancicos. Also, this is my third Christmas cantata, however, following Els pastorets [The Little Shepherds] and Conte de Nadal [Christmas Story], it was the first one that I wrote without a definite plot. In this case, it is based on the lovely poems that Jordi Pàmias wrote about Christmas. He selected some of his poems and gave me complete freedom to add music to them. 

The cantata has an opening and five songs. It begins with the theme of the final song, «Cant de Nadal» [Christmas Song], which is in waltz-time, and this is followed by a kind of polka, «L’alegria mou garlandes...» [Happiness Can Move Garlands] which I wanted to sound like a traditional Christmas song. There is also a fragment of «Ciutat sagrada» [Holy City] in the instrumental opening as well as in the slow section «Font viva» [Living Fountain] and the fast section of «Dona vestida de sol» [Woman Dressed in Sunlight]. In this way fragments are presented which are later sung by the mixed chorus and played by the ensemble (flute, oboe, clarinet, French horn, trumpet, percussion, piano and strings). There are three songs («Aurora», «Dona vestida de sol» and «Cant de Nadal») which also have a two-part chorus of female or children’s voices added. 

The idea was for the music to reflect the beauty and the themes of the poems by Pàmies and with the desire for it be both traditional and emotional. I believe that the Christmas season of 2014, the year of the premiere, brought those qualities to life.

Albert Guinovart

The Cantata de Nadal Collection 

The Cantata de Nadal [Christmas Cantata] Project is based on the premiere of a cantata for children’s choir, mixed choir and chamber orchestra, composed by a contemporary composer based on texts of Catalan poets. This formula, which requires the integration of three different musical formations, brings together three differing values: musical creativity, intergenerational participation and the updating and modernization of our Christmas tradition. 

In the various previous editions, we have been privileged to collaborate with the actresses Carme Sansa, Marta Angelat and Mercè Arànega, who recited texts and poems to highlight the spoken Word combined with music in order to give the cantata a greater theatrical dimension. 

For the children’s and youth choirs, the Christmas Cantata provides an opportunity to sing together with a mixed choir and an orchestra a choral symphony composition. This experience gives them an artistic challenge of working with a degree of difficulty and complexity greater than what they are used to, within an intergenerational framework. 

We are convinced that the experience of interpreting this work will lead them to enjoy communicating emotions to the audience and at the same time will contribute to improve the quality of their choral family or choral school.

Xavier Baulies
Director, Camerata Sant Cugat and Coral Polifónica de Tremp
Artistic director of the Cantata de Nadal Collection

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