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A Bach

Cuarteto de cuerda


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  • Ensemble: Quartets: .
  • Genres: Classical / contemporary: Chamber.
  • Language of the comment: Català/English/Castellano
  • Product format: Partitura + particellas
  • Difficulty level: Advanced-superior
  • Period: 2nd half S. XX - XXI
  • Publishing house: Editorial Boileau
  • Collection: Siglo XXI
  • No. of pages: 28+32
  • Measure: 31,00 x 23,00 cm
  • Lenght: 10'12''
  • ISMN: 979-0-3503-0314-2
  • Available in digital: No
  • Available for rent: No

A Bach for string quartet is another evocation of the past, in this case of the violin works of J.S. Bach. Written in 2004, it is a recreation of two of the most important movements of the Sonatas and Partitas series: the Adagio from the third Sonata and the Prelude from the third Partita (BWV 1005 and 1006 respectively). Jordi Cervelló was a violinist and, as such, it should come as no surprise that he once again makes use of compositional material from his instrument.

The Adagio, here in time signature of four (Bach's original is in three) retains throughout the movement the constant rhythmic figure of dotted quaver and sixteenth note, in a serene yet mysterious atmosphere. The second movement, Preludiando, retains the same lively spirit of the original, but moves through different moods. Calm, vigorous and even dramatic moments are given a new dimension thanks to the quartet-like writing and Cervelló's original harmonic and contrapuntal treatment. A Bach was premiered at La Pedrera in Barcelona as part of the cycle "Celebracions de la Fundació Caixa de Catalunya" in 2006 with the Quartet Prometeo.

Adagio (5'52") Preludiando (4'37")

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